Our board is made up of volunteer leaders with influence in many areas of business in the local community. We are blessed by the wisdom, insight, and support from our incredible board of directors. Their dedication and leadership is invaluable to the work we do at Healing Grace Ministries. Furthermore, they play an active role in guiding and resourcing this ministry. Take a moment to get to know our board members below.







Board Member – Tim was introduced to the Grace Message while on a mission trip to Romania in 2000. Hearing the truth of the Exchange Life message and of his Identity in Christ, was like blinders being removed from his eyes.  Suddenly, many incongruent pieces of the Christian life began to make sense. He had a very strong passion for God, but even that was not enough to overcome some of his deepest struggles with insecurity. It was truly life changing, eye opening, and cross cultural.

Within three years and after several more trips to Romania, Tim entered into training at Grace Ministries International and joined the ministry in 2004. He went on to serve as the Director of International Ministry for 10 Years at GMI and had the privilege of sharing the Exchanged Life message in 16 countries spanning four continents. 

Tim currently serves on the Board at HGM with what he describes as a “lovely and lively” group of people who are bringing life changing truth into the lives of many people on the Northeast side of Atlanta and beyond.

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