Golden Pound Casino is an online gambling establishment.

Golden Pound has a strange appearance for a bingo site, since it does not seem to have a logo anywhere on the site. In point of fact, it seems as if the whole top half of the site has been removed. To set the record straight, such is not the case; rather, it is only that this website has been poorly designed to the point that it does not even have a logo in the top of the page. If you scroll all the way down at the very bottom of the page, you will discover the Golden Pound logo languishing there; nonetheless, this looks like a very unusual way to construct a website.

Despite having been launched in 2011, the text is far too tiny to be comfortably seen on desktop computers or mobile devices. This gives the website a very old appearance. This location is difficult to navigate due to the excessive usage of different fonts as well as the overall mismatched style of the site. However, if you are able to navigate the site, you will find that there is a wide selection of bingo games for you to play, each of which offers substantial jackpots and a welcome bonus that is equal to 150 percent of your first deposit. Sign up for the service and give it a try if the thought of that makes you more willing to see beyond the limitations of Golden Pound.

Regarding the Golden Pound

Cassava Enterprises Limited, who have their headquarters in Gibraltar, are the ones in charge of running Golden Pound. They are subject to regulation by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Cassava Enterprises, which is a member of the 888 group, is allowed to provide its services to players situated in the United Kingdom since 888 UK Limited is licensed and controlled by the Great Britain Gambling Commission. This allows the site to provide its services to players based in the United Kingdom. The same function is carried out by Virtual Digital Services Ltd., which makes it possible for Golden Pound to communicate with players located inside the EU. Golden Pound advertises that it has large prizes for up to one million pounds, whereas many other online casinos feature jackpots worth fifteen thousand pounds or more.

There is also roulette and scratch cards that may be played, both of which are energizing alternatives to the traditional game of bingo. The “About” part on the homepage of Golden Pound has been poorly written, as is typical for websites owned by Cassava Enterprises. This section has several errors and is missing currency symbols, both of which make it more difficult to understand. It is unclear why Cassava Enterprises continues to produce subpar websites rather than focusing their efforts on improving the quality of the sites they already have. There are components of this website that are just not there, such as the header text that shows in the tab of your browser. It would seem like Golden Pound was thrown together in a hurry, with the website apparently being created in a record amount of time in the rush to launch yet another bingo website.

Options for Withdrawal are Highlighted

In keeping with the time-honored custom of Cassava Enterprises, there is no information about deposits to be seen on the side. On the other hand, there is information only regarding withdrawals. You may discover that your alternatives for making withdrawals include the use of credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, cheques, Neteller, wire transfers, and PayPal by reading this page. According to other Cassava Enterprises websites that are only slightly more functioning, it would seem that the most of these alternatives for making deposits are accessible, with the exception of sending a check or using a wire transfer.

The processing of withdrawals takes up to forty-eight hours, after which the earliest that you can expect to get your cash is between two and three business days. This is the case with MasterCard, Neteller, and PayPal. Alternative payment methods, such as checks and wire transfers, require much more time. In most cases, Cassava Ltd. will covertly appear as the biller on your account, giving the impression that the transaction originated from them. There is no indication on the site as to whether or not there is a minimum amount required for deposits or withdrawals. The frequently asked questions section, much like every other component of this poorly designed website, does not function correctly, with whole sections of the page spilling over into the bottom and being hidden from view.

Investigate Rapidly Your Options for a Promotion

The highlighted slider at Golden Pound presents a welcome bonus, but it switches slides so quickly that it will be difficult for you to see it before it goes on to the next slide. For the record, if you make a deposit of £30, you will get a bonus of 150% of that amount, giving you a total of £50 with which to gamble. If you’ve ever played at one of Cassava Enterprises’ other sites, you’ll find that the remaining deals on the promotions page at Golden Pound are depressingly similar to what you’ve seen at those other sites. These promos are identical to those offered on the operator’s other sites, and no attempt has been made to distinguish them in any way.

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