Roulette Terminology

In case you are new to roulette and can’t help thinking about what probably the most well-known terms are, then, at that point here is a speedy aide. You will go over a large portion of these when playing roulette at เกม เม ดู ซ่า

American Roulette

American roulette is one of the fundamental two styles. The thing that matters is the plan of the wheel which includes a twofold zero configuration where two of the spaces are green and stamped 0 and 00

One-sided Numbers

A number that measurably appears to come up more regularly than the standard difference that has been determined over a drawn out period.

One-sided Wheel

Fortunately extremely uncommon, and generally a cry from a disappointed player who hasn’t won his bet. Alluding to a wheel that isn’t accurately planned so makes a few numbers or areas come up more frequently than measurably confirmed.

Section Bet

At the point when a bet is put on one of the 12 numbers that structure a segment (three segments on a wagering mat)

Blend Bet

At the point when any bet has at least one of the chips covering any at least two numbers.

Corner Bet

This is a kind of bet that covers four connecting numbers on the wagering mat.

Twofold Zero Wheel

Another method of alluding to the American roulette wheel, as there are two green spaces.

Dozen Bet

A bet that is set on one of the three ‘dozen’ gatherings of numbers.

Indeed, even Bet

An external bet set on the triumphant number to be even.

European Roulette

Alludes to the rendition of wheel utilized that contains only one single green space checked 0.

French Roulette Wheel

Likewise alluded to as a solitary zero wheel with a similar standard design as the European roulette wheel.

High Bet

A bet that the following winning number will be 19 or higher.

House Edge

The edge that the house has over the players

Inside Bet

Wagers set on explicit quantities of the wheel.

Line Bet

A bet on two abutting lines of three – six numbers altogether

Low Bet

A bet that the triumphant number will be 18 or beneath.

Odd Bet

A bet that the triumphant number will be odd


The factual probability of a bet being fruitful

Outside Bets

A bet set outwardly spaces of the wagering mat – odd/even, red/dark, high/low

Single Zero Wheel

Another expression for the European or French wheel which implies that there is just one green space checked 0.

Directly up Bet

A bet set on the single number to win, a type of inside bet.

Road Bet

A bet on three numbers that structure a road on the wagering mat.

Triplet Bet

Another expression for a road bet. A bet that one of the three picked numbers will win.

Genuine Odds

Characterizes the likelihood of every expected result.


Another word for the bet set.


As the name proposes alluding to the wheel, this data alone would not decide if this was an American or European wheel.

Wheel Chips

A term used to depict the wagering chips when they are being utilized in roulette.

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